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Origami Crane

2014-06-17 03:22:15 by Looger

I just made an Oragami Crane and it actually came out well. This may seem like spam or something but this is a really big deal for me because usually I mess everything up. My little victory of the night :3

Actual content?!? Ahhh!!

2014-06-15 18:53:41 by Looger

Yes, after I start my AVGN inspired youtube reviews then I'll come here and start making animations for the very first time like I've always wanted to do :3


2014-06-15 06:07:43 by Looger

It's been a long freakin' time since I've been on this account. Gotta say reading though my old posts and comments is pretty fucking painful, but it's interesting to see how I've changed. Anyway... hi.


2011-05-18 21:18:38 by Looger

How come people never PM me back here on NG, on youtube I get a reply a few minutes later, I wish things were faster here!


New banner

2010-07-29 15:58:46 by Looger

This new banner has 2 more slots if anyone wants them.

New banner

I got an icon finaly

2010-07-28 19:27:18 by Looger

I finaly got an icon on acident, yyaayy! Its my maplestory avatar :D

I got an icon finaly

Nickleodeon Crap

2010-07-20 15:32:00 by Looger

What is the crap on nick today, i mean icarly has terible acting and afull jokes, btr is just dumb, what happened to the good old stuff, like invader zim or rockos modern life. I turn on the tv and think "What is this Crap?"

Nickleodeon Crap


2010-03-09 15:24:47 by Looger

We must prepare for battle aganst the hackers. For the past few months hackers have been hitting the famous people on youtube, but now they are sending the average people fake URL's which leads to a fake youtube. PREPARE FOR BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bored off my ass

2010-03-08 18:25:50 by Looger


I just went sking

2010-01-19 23:40:33 by Looger

I twisted both my legs and injured three of my ribs.